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If you weren’t already obsessed with heels, you will be now

Get ready to say goodbye to heel pain – and say hello to you new confidence secret weapon.

You’re tired of second-guessing if you’re doing this heels thing right –

Yup – it be easy to say, “Just put in more practice, find a great pair of heels and accept that beauty equals pain…

…But that’s not how heels work.

To get a walk that gets noticed (sans pain), you need correct SKILLS that pull their weight so you don’t have to.

Imagine being able to walk like Marilyn in just 30 days.

You’d be able to implement softness and reconnect with your body because you’re finally learning the roadmap…

and, wait a sec … was that a deep desire that just landed in your lap!?

“Sarah’s expertise will transform you!”

“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where I would love to feel and look poised. Sarah is an incredible teacher and has totally transformed the way I walk – adding the feminine elements I was looking for. Her expertise will transform you!”

~ Monique


The How to Walk in Heels Course

The hands-down most comprehensive how to walk in heels course designed for career ladies, busy mamas, and women ready to embrace their feminine power like you.

You’ll walk away with…

  • 5 instructional videos to help you catch your mistakes and know how to fix them
  • 5 practice videos to understand and practice the mechanics to reduce pain and walk like a sexy, confident boss
  • Your ultimate practice guide to keep you inspired and focused as you work through the course
  • Years of experience, testing and proven results



Ready to trade weak ankles and wobbly legs for a balanced elegance strut? Kick your heels in the air and say YEAH!

  • Including where to put your weight, so you can wear heels without your toes being squeezed.
  • 5-exercise to strengthen your feet and legs, so you can quit spending so much time thinking about balance.
  • An easy to follow step-by-step system, so you can choose the heels you really love instead of settling for a kitten heel or wedge.



Spoiler alert: Your hips will help your walk when you know how to use them right!

  • 3-keys to easy hip movement, that makes adding hips to your walk super simple.
  • 2-style options, so you can customize your hip styling based on what you’re doing.
  • My own personal hip routine (under 12 minutes), because I value getting maximum results in a short amount of time.



If you’re ready to radiate confidence when walking in a room, your poise has to be on point. Here’s how I do it…

  • The 3-challenges that are ruining your impression, and of course how to fix them!
  • 4-exercise to improve your body language and presence, so you can influence people without saying a word.
  • Including how to create feminine angles, to reframe the way you communicate from masculine to feminine.



What good is all the mechanics if we can’t bring it together in style? It’s time to talk about the end game of walking in heels and how to create your signature walk.

  • 3-ways to style your walk, you’ll learn the Relaxed Elegance, Subtle Sexy and Bombshell Strut.
  • Clear visual cues, draw from my expertise as a dancer and train your own eye.
  • Tips to expand your comfort zone, no matter where you start from, you’ll become a woman whose not afraid to flaunt it.



Whether your arms are tense and tight or all over the place, this module will fix-it and put the final cherry on top to your walk!

  • Including arm isolations, so you can create flexibility and eliminate stress.
  • 3-different styles, that will emphasize your hips and slim your waistline.
  • My recommended arm and leg pairings, so you can take the guess work out of it, and personalize your walk to any occasion (from office to date-night)

How does it work?

Here’s the Process

Click the get started button anywhere on the page, and just like that… in just a few minutes an email will hit your inbox welcoming you to the heels fam. You’ll get your login details, and you my dear will be ready to go.


Open up your practice guide for my recommendations or go at your own pace. You are only 30 days away from that elegant strut you’ve always dreamed off! Can’t dive in right away? No worries. You’ve got lifetime access.


One month from today you’ll pass your reflection and think, “darn, she’s sexy!” And anytime you’re craving a moment for self-love? Just carve out 10 minutes of you-time to revisit your favorite lesson.

“Don’t mind me – I’ll just be grocery shopping in my heels, oh and I’ll be strutting down the aisles like a pro!”

“This was such an incredibly important thing as a mom and as a woman to experience! It was completely life changing to be able to go from clunky and unbalanced to confident and sexy in heels. If you desire to look gorgeous while walking into a room in your sexy pumps then Sarah is your girl! I can’t recommend her enough. Not only is she incredibly talented, knowledgeable and graceful – but she is exceptionally gifted at breaking down the steps to help you see every piece of the puzzle. I just loved every minute of this course and learned so much!”

~ Joy, mama to 4

“Sarah is a body language expert!”

“Before I started the course I struggled with weak ankles, poor posture, friction with my knees, and a lack of flow. Now my hips move with flow, confidence and style. My ankles feel stronger, and I’m able to look at other women and analyze their walk and body language. You won’t regret taking this course! Sarah is a body language expert!”

~ Erica, office administrator

“Several men have given me their phone numbers. That kind of attention has definitely increased since taking Sarah’s course!”

“I used to struggle with balance and neck pain in heels. I relearned the basics of movement in a way that has helped me reduce pain, and walk more like a confident, sexy boss. You DEFINITELY must do this course! It will elevate your walk, bearing, and confidence. It’s broken down into simple, understandable lessons – and you will see results. Before I felt like I couldn’t learn new things well, Sarah changed that!”

~ Dara, bartender and blackjack dealer 

Because you COULD keep practicing on your own time…

…battling through weak ankles and wobbly knees, trying your best to imitate Gigi or Bella, and piece-mealing every tip you’ve got from Google and YouTube.



You could get the shortcut.

Work with a World Class Dancer whose extensively studied body mechanics and body language… has 2 decades of Award-Winning coaching under her belt… and has taken hundreds of women from flats to heels in under 30 days…


…she’s standing by to help.

Your Investment for the Heels Course

  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • 5 Practice Videos
  • Your Ultimate Practice Guide
  • The Most Comprehensive Heels Course Available

Before I created my online course, my private clients would invest upwards of $2000 for this material.

Now, I’ve compiled all my knowledge into a step-by-step lifetime access course that allows you to get my same systems, on-demand, at a fraction of the cost.


choose your plan

I'm Ready To Join for $97 I'm in for the payment plan: 3 x $37

“When you get this course it feels like you are giving yourself permission to enjoy being a woman”

“Before I started this course, I was scared of wearing heels. There is something so wonderful about Sarah’s and her course. It’s easy to follow, and I love that you can take thing’s in bite size portions and work on specific aspects of your walk. When you get this course it feels like you are giving yourself permission to enjoy being a woman; it gives you this air of luxury like you are worth it, and are worth investing in your femininity. It doesn’t even have to do with just wearing heels, it translates into many other areas of your life including confidence!”

~ Johanna, The Vibrant Flow Podcast

“My husband loves it!”

“I’m walking with better posture and feeling more balanced. I’d recommend the heels course to any woman who is having trouble walking in heels, or who want to look/feel/walk more sexy or feminine! Also adding some hip movement to my walk has helped me feel sexy and feminine! (My husband loves it!)”

~ Zianya Sanches, Mindset & Life Coach

“I’ve gained confidence in myself!”

“Before starting the course I would lose my balance when walking. Now, I feel much more comfortable walking in heels. Sarah’s teaching have helped me to improve my way of walking in heels and gain more confidence in myself. Thank you Sarah!”

~ Shahinez, teacher

“I loved the arm section!”

“Before I started the course my ankles were weak, I walked on the balls of my feet, and I was uncomfortable in heels. Now I understand the body mechanics and the logic behind a strong walk. My ankle strength has increased as well, and I loved the arm section. This heels course is worth it! I would absolutely recommend!”

~ Chazeen, video producer

“It feels great to be in touch with my body”

“Becoming a mom, I put my dance lessons on hold to make caring for my son my number one priority. Participating in Sarah’s heel course brought back so many fond memories of personal instruction on body movement and how great it feels to be in touch with your body. Sarah is very professional, very detailed, and cares about the progress that you’re making.”

~ Natalia, wife and mom

“It’s clear that Sarah is an accomplished dancer and teacher”

“I have always struggled to walk in heels. I found the lessons to be well-paced, and the instructions to be clear. It’s clear that Sarah is an accomplished dancer and teacher. She created an environment where learning felt supportive, relaxed and fun. I now feel more confident and graceful when walking in heels and would recommend this course to anyone!”

~ Krista, assistant

“With 2 foot injuries…this course was of great help in normalizing my gait. And now heels are no problem!”

“Two simple foot injuries changed my gait which threw my body out of alignment. This resulted in painful issues with my leg and IT band for nearly a decade. Since taking the course many of the symptoms have subsided. The first 3 lessons helped me correct my gait by focusing on the important basic elements of walking in heels; increased awareness of foot placement and posture. These elements are usually taken for granted, and can cause sloppiness throughout the years. This course was of great assistance in normalizing my gait, I no longer walk with one foot turned out, and heels are no problem!”

~ Betty

Sarah B.

test Drive


Take 30 days to soak it up, practice & test drive

Because I believe so fully in this program, I’m proud to honor the SB test drive guarantee

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy — if within 30 days, you give it a try, and realize it’s not for you, just show me your work and hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’m more than happy to buy it back!
Click here to read the full policy.

I'm Ready To Join for $97 I'm in for the payment plan: 3 x $37

And just who am I?

I’m Sarah, and I teach women like you how to embody their most beautiful, confident self.

I left a successful competitive dance career where I became a World Professional Semi-Finalist and an Award Winning coach, to go all in on coaching women.

I realized how many women were struggling to embrace their femininity as their superpower – and how powerful a tool heels could be to get there!

What started as a few clients asking me for some quick heel’s tips, turned into busy local group lessons, which rolled into international online heel workshops, and finally inspired me to create a full How to Walk in Heels course.

And now? You can get every piece of the puzzle and master your own heel game to create the elegant strut you’ve always dreamed of.

We might be a match made in high-heel heaven if…

  • You love your heels… but you’re feeling the pain of walking in them (neck, back, you name it!). You want someone to hold your hand and show you the ropes, because you’re ready to pinpoint what you’re doing wrong and learn exactly how to fix it.
  • You’ve dabbled with tips from blogs and YouTube, but let’s be honest… you want a better source of information that you can count on, and just need the roadmap to make the mechanics look flawless.
  • You’ve *lost* that feminine feeling… between grocery store runs and chasing toddlers, you’ve felt a little disconnected from those feminine parts of yourself. You’re craving a self-confidence lift stat!
  • You just know your presentation impacts how you feel and how others perceive you…working in any industry where poise matters, you’re ready to get the skills and capitalize on that advantage.
  • You’re don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning how to rock those heels, ‘cause your so sick of feeling uncoordinated and silly, when you see other women make it look so sexy and effortless. How do they do it?!

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

Q: I don’t think I have time for this?
A: I hear you! That’s why I was very intentional in making each lesson between 6-12 minutes. So, busy women just like you, could reap the benefits in tiny bursts of time. (I had one mama of 4 take this course, and practice with her kids! Where there is a will, there is a way). You also have life-time access! So, you can work through the course at your own pace or whiz through following my guide.
Q: How long will it take to get results?
A: From the very first lesson you will start to notice changes. I’ll be teaching you how to think about body movement in a way you never have before.

If you practice for 30 minutes a week, you will notice results from week 1 – and it will only get better from there!
Q: How much does shoe choice matter?
A: A very generous 10%. Yes, there are crappy shoes out there that you should avoid. But for most women the problem isn’t in their shoe selection, but the know how of how to walk in them. So, once you understand my method – you will not be stuck only wearing kitten heels or wedges… you’ll only wear the shoes you really want to wear!
Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: I am so confident that this program will work for you – that if it doesn’t, I’ll buy it back. If within 30 days, you give it a try, and realize it’s not for you, just show me your work and hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’ll be more than happy to buy it back.
Q: I’m a ____ (fill in the blank), will this work for me?
A: Here’s the great news, this course is for every woman. I’ve seen students, entrepreneurs, mom’s, grandmas all go through this course and have incredible results. The beauty of this course is our students have ranged from 12 – 75, and across hundred of industries.

At this point it comes down to this

What are those high-heeled dreams worth to you?

The confidence, the poise, the wow factor…

And with a roadmap to guaranteed success, you could get started.

Because yup, you COULD get it another way (maybe), but it’d mean sifting through potential theories and fanciful ideas that might work, or you could keep practicing on your own, DIY style through pain and discomfort (but that doesn’t sound fun at all!).

So really, if you’re wanting for heels to become something that helps you feel more feminine and lets your confidence shine, this course is the way to go – plus, I’ve got a killer personality and promise to make it fun.

Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to shine darling!

The Femininity Project Inc | Copyright © 2023 | Sarah Bohdanova | howtowalkinheelscourse.com